Romeo and Juliette in Jerusalime


 "Romeo and Juliette in Jerusalem" (2 acts)

Music – S.Prokofiev   Choreography - V.Panov

To the basis of the ballet was placed not only a tragic story of love, but the old-age Arab-Israeli conflict. The events unfolding in the East Jerusalem. Romeo - the young man, the student,  from the good Jewish family. Juliet – young Arab woman from a noble Muslim family. Ironically, they met at the University, and fell in love. The tragedy starts when Romeo and his friend Mercutio came to the Eastern (Arabic) part of Jerusalem to look the feast, where should be Juliet. Tybalt, Juliet’s brother, saw Romeo's there and the fight erupted. Romeo tried to stop it with the piece, but Tybalt couldn’t be reconciled, he killed Mercutio, Juliet rushed to protect Romeo and also was killed by the hands of her brother. She is dying slowly in the Romeo’s hands. 

In the ballet reveals two story lines - first, is the infinite power of love. Romeo and Juliet, once again proving that love connects people regardless of age, color of the skin and nationality. Second line - is the situation in Jerusalem today. Very clearly shows the relationship between the two nations,  living side by side in one country, but so different. Also shows the sense of Muslim religion where sister could be killed by her brother, just because she fell in love with Jew. 

During the performance sounds melody of  the symbolic song "It must be another way ..." as a leitmotif  showing the main idea of this ballet.  And in the final part we could hear this Song - Hope, that one day it would be peace and friendship between Arabs and Jews.