Valery Panov  Ballet Theatre was founded 1998 and headed by the international star of Mariinsky ballet and master-choreographer Valery Panov. By the Man with his own unique technique and the philosophy of dance. The author of two books «To dance» and «A view behind the scenes ...". 

Leaving at the time of the Soviet Union, and received Israeli citizenship, Valery Panov, danced at the world's best scenes, and worked as a choreographer with the best leading ballet companies in the world -  at the Opera House in Berlin, the Belgian Royal Ballet, etc. Having finished his solo career, he managed to realize his dream - to create his own theater.

   The main goal of the company was the development of classical ballet in Israel and abroad, as well as the creation of international projects of classical and contemporary choreography.  Panov Ballet Theatre's repertoire includes both classical and contemporary performances for children and adults, many of them already have the recognition and love of the audience all over the  world. 

   Today more than 20 talented artists from Israel, Germany, Japan, England and Russia, are working  in Panov’s Company. Panov Ballet Theatre acts as ambassador of Israel’s cultural life throughout the world. During its existence the Company has received numerous awards and prizes, and awarded by the Israel Ministry of Culture.

   For nearly 15 years the theater, presents  such famous productions as "War and Peace" by Tchaikovsky in 2001, "The Idiot" by Shostakovich, 2003, "Romeo and Julliet" by Prokofiev, 2005, "Adios," 2006, "Cinderella" by Prokofiev, 2008, "Panovariya", 2009, "Impressions", 2010 and many others.

   Based on the great traditions of Russian classical ballet, we are creating performances that will be understandable and interesting for today's audience and that, despite all the hardships of life, to remind you that in this world reign, goodness and beauty. We believe that we will affect the best strings of your soul and make you fans of our theater.


Repertoire of Teatre Ballet Panov:

"Adios - Tango" (one act)

Music – Piazzolla   Choreographer - V.Panov

The main story line of this ballet based on the real events connected with the personal tragedy of the Panov’s  life, parting with his ex-wife Galina Panova - Ragozina. After 31 years of marriage and work, having conquered the world, Galina decided to disperse and go to her partner in tango. Valery Panov named Galina care tragedy of his life. In Valery’s  eyes flashed all his life with Galina, and so was born the ballet "Adios - Tango." The famous dancer and choreographer, reflects on the suffering and separation, he review his life and spotlights on the stage once again begin to light up, get up and again began his theater, but this time alone, and after the word "Googbye".


"Seasons" (one act)

Music - Vivaldi    Choreographer - V. Panov

Classical Ballet for 16 – 20 dancers .


" Le Sacre du Printemps " (one act)

Music  - I.Stravinsky   Choreography - V.Panov

Staged in the Deutsche Opera Berlin, in 1978 V.Panov received the Prize of the World in New York for this performance.

The events take place in ancient Russia. The ritual sacrifice of the Sun (Light).The adoration of the crowd for unknown divine powers. The performance is impregnated with the Russian spirit. The music by Stravinsky in itself as a precursor of changes, of destruction. the sun  plays the symbolic role and in the final it became enormous and represents sunrise, the beginning of a new life.


"The Idiot" (3 acts)

Music – Shostakovich    Choreography - V. Panov

Russia at the turn of the 19-20 century drowned in vices and sins, treachery, deceit, intrigue and crime. The Saviour was sent to earth as of Prince Myshkin. He comes from Switzerland to Russia and saw the society, where all the moral values were destroyed. He wanted to help, but he was also drawn into the intrigue and love triangles. He was ill with the epilepsy. In his eyes took place terrible events - the murder, the power of money, betrayal, and he became crazy from the frustration. Realized that he has no place in this society, and nobody want to be saved, he rised back to heaven. In this performance V.Panov reveals the period of his life in the Soviet Union, where any religion was denied, and it was only possible to believe in "communism."


"Paquita" (one act)

Music - L. Minkus    Choreography - Marius Petipa

Classical Ballet of the Imperial Mariinsky Theatre, of the 20th century.

20 dancers on stage. One of the masterpieces of the great choreographer Marius Petipa.