Kish-Kush Balabush

"Kish-Kush Balabush " (one act)

The performance for the whole family and children of any age. Narrator - the artist Balabush. Kish-Kush fairy tale character, it consists of many colors. Balabush - artist paints a portrait - a gift to the Queen. On stage, dancers dressed in costumes of different colors. Colors don’t like the Kish-Kush as it indeterminate color, and the set of all colors. But there came the villain, spoiled the portrait  and make all colors  - colorless. Kish-Kush and Balabush decided to save the picture. They went  to search for 3 primary colors - red (fire), yellow (sun) and blue (water). Finally they saved the picture and returned color to colors. The rainbow is down as a symbol of happiness, joy and colors of life.