Ferdinand and Ugly Duck

 "Ferdinand and The Ugly Duck"

Staging - Yisrael Gurion, choreography - Moshe Efrati
- Ferdinand – is a young bull, but he is not like all the bulls, he loves nature, flowers and beauty. Once he was bitten by a bee and he began to jump and beat the hoof, and everybody around began to think that he is the future hero of bullfighting. But he had very different dreams, he didn’t not want to fight. Moral of the story is - that the children must understand that peace and kindness, better than fighting and wars.
- Tina Duck, waiting for her ducklings hatched from eggs. But there was another egg, it was different from everyone else. Out of it also was born chick, but it wasn’t look like the other ducklings. All the animals laughed at him and called him "ugly duck". he didn’t wanted to tolerate and decided to away from the farm. He made long, long way, he was scared and hungry, he sat under the tree and fell asleep. In the morning he heard voices, woke up and saw a beautiful lake with beautiful white swans. Suddenly he heard shoots, and everybody ran away and "ugly duck" came to other farm. The Farmer's wife fed him and sheltered. Time passed and one day he again saw the lake with beautiful swans. He admired with the beauty of this birds. And then his eyes lowered to the water, he saw his reflection, and what was the amazement when he realized that he was very similar to the swans. They took him to their flock, and he stayed with them. Kind and beautiful fairy tale with a happy end.