"Carmen"(one act)

Music - Bizet - Saltykov-Shchedrin    Choreography - V.Panov

The original choreography by V.Panov, which combines classical ballet and fiery Spanish flamenco. This is a play of nowadays. The party on the Ibiza island, where young people have fun. The most ringleader of these companies - beautiful CarmenOne of the young prosperous policeman Jose met Carmen. She fascinates him, and among them erupted the love affair.

Night celebrations are accompanied with the festive young people who ran through the streets, as they ran to the bullfight and the persecuted with animals. Young people – looking for the freedom and flirting with destiny.

From the beginning The Mother-Spain in the form of Flamenco dancer (real image of Spain) look for all this intrigues. Love of Jose and Carmen overshadowed – with the mad passion of Carmen to the handsome man - matador. So we find ourselves in the Spanish love triangle. The Mother-Spain wants to stop the impending bloody tragedy. But Carmen wants to be free in her feelings, as well as many beautiful women of today.

José and the Toreador tried to fight for their love. Carmen was killed by the hands of Jose, but they continued  to share her even after her death. She's dead, but – she is Free.

Epilogue - the underworld – Mother-Spain, which unfortunately couldn’t do northing, with the Spanish boiling blood. Around her, in the white dress like an angel flies happy Carmen with red rose in her teeth. She still gained her freedom.

Very beautiful, bright, energetic performance - a combination of celebration and drama, love and death, passion and freedom.