"Adios - Tango" (one act)

Music – Piazzolla   Choreographer - V.Panov

The main story line of this ballet based on the real events connected with the personal tragedy of the Panov’s  life, parting with his ex-wife Galina Panova - Ragozina. After 31 years of marriage and work, having conquered the world, Galina decided to disperse and go to her partner in tango. Valery Panov named Galina care tragedy of his life. In Valery’s  eyes flashed all his life with Galina, and so was born the ballet "Adios - Tango." The famous dancer and choreographer, reflects on the suffering and separation, he review his life and spotlights on the stage once again begin to light up, get up and again began his theater, but this time alone, and after the word "Googbye".